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Background on the Initiative

Mayor de Blasio’s Housing New York plan made an unprecedented commitment to take a comprehensive approach to neighborhood planning and community development – pledging that the city would work with community organizations, state and federal partners and philanthropic and market investors not only to address a neighborhood’s needs for affordable housing, but also to help bring critical infrastructure and services to neighborhood residents. The housing plan recognizes that jobs, retail, safety, transit opportunities, a healthy environment, quality educational opportunities, and many other factors play a crucial role in making a place not just a collection of homes, but a thriving neighborhood.

Brownsville is a neighborhood that faces many challenges, and is the focus of efforts by many city and state agencies, community organizations and for-profit and not-for-profit partners. Because a comprehensive neighborhood approach requires the coordination of all those who have projects in, or provide services to, a particular neighborhood, city, state and federal agencies have come together with community partners to discuss how best to coordinate the city’s efforts in Brownsville and develop processes for ongoing collaboration and coordination.

On September 8th, city agencies along with the US Department of Housing & Urban Development and the NYS Department of Housing and Community Renewal and community partners in Brownsville launched the Hundred Days to Progress Initiative. After meeting in Brownsville in August, nearly 20 agencies and a dozen community organizations came together and agreed to accomplish or undertake projects in the community to address immediate needs in the neighborhood and learn to work together more effectively to make meaningful and long-term impact in Brownsville. Our goal is to not just accomplish these commitments in the next 100 days, but to lay a real foundation for long-term community collaboration and planning.